Why We Made The Glass Reservoir Diffuser?

Over time, essential oils can have a corrosive effect on plastics. It is believed that this can lead to potentially harmful particles being released into the air. This is the reason why the good quality and pure essential oil we buy in the market are stored in glass (preferably dark glass to prevent damage from sunlight). An ultrasonic diffuser pretty much always has a plastic chamber inside it to hold the water and oils. The oils are diluted to around 0.20% but we still don’t love the idea of their contact with the plastic all day. Many aroma diffuser manufacturers actually specifically warn against using citrus oils in their diffusers containing plastic.

Glass Reservoir Diffuser Essential Oil

The Benefit of Using the Glass Reservoir Diffuser

Firstly, The plastic tank aroma diffuser will attract essential oils when it comes in contact with them and may have a reaction with them. However, Glass tank aroma diffusers do not react with essential oils and release tiny atomized particles of pure essential oils into the air, adding moisture to the air and relieving nasal congestion. Secondly, The glass tank diffuser can also be better cleaned, not like the plastic tank over time will be yellowed and not easy to clean. Lastly, The glass water tank, art glass top, and solid wood glass base used in our diffusers are made of very environmentally friendly materials; as we know, not all plastics are biodegradable, and using plastics that are not biodegradable will make our planet worse and worse; Less, plastic, Better World.