Aromatherapy machines, as a household item that is both ornamental and practical, are becoming more and more popular in modern families.

Opening the shopping website, MY God! There are so many choices for aromatherapy machines. We are dazzled by them. Do we have a headache as to which one to choose? As advocates of healthy living, our goal is to choose an aromatherapy machine that you like, is healthy and environmentally friendly.ultrasonic essential oil air humidifier

Understanding Plastic Ultrasonic Diffusers vs. Nebulizing Diffuser

We have compared some differences between plastic aroma diffuser and glass aroma diffuser. We hope it can be of some help to you.

Classification of glass aromatherapy machines

This article only applies to ultrasonic aroma diffusers, which require adding water and essential oils. Waterless aroma diffusers are not included.

Everyone should also pay attention to the distinction.

Some aroma diffuser covers are made of glass, while the water tank is indeed made of plastic.

The water tank and outer cover of some aromatherapy machines are made of glass, so pay attention to distinguish them.

The difference between glass water tank and plastic water tank

 Glass water tank aroma diffuserplastic water tank aroma diffuser
Water tank durability and stabilityGlass water tanks are more resistant to wear and tear, will not discolor and deform over time, and are not easier to scratchesPlastic water tanks may deform, crack, or fade due to the influence of light, heat and essential oils.
Water tank health and environmental friendlinessGlass is recyclable and degradable making it friendlier to users and the environmentUnder the long-term corrosion of essential oils, plastic water tanks will slowly release micro-particulate matter. Plastics are difficult to degrade and are not conducive to environmental protection
Service lifeThe stability and environmental protection of glass ensure a long service life and can be used as long as it is not broken.Plastic aroma diffuser have relatively poor stability and durability and need to be replaced regularly
Difficulty of cleaningThe glass water tank is smoother, dirt is not easy to adhere and cleaning is easierOil stains easily adhere to the water tank and require cleaning with solvents, which is troublesome.
bacterial growthBacteria grow less and slower in glass water tanksPlastic water tanks are more likely to breed bacteria than glass water tanks

The advantages of glass reservoir or glass water tank diffuser

The biggest benefit is that the oils don’t touch plastic. We think it is so much healthier and the whole reason we use essential oils is for health and

well-being. We think we all know deep down that plastic anything isn’t the best for the planet or our health, and that stays true with essential oils.

Plastic can chemically react with oils at times and lower or change their beneficial properties.

best glass oil diffuser tank that don’t contain any plastic so you can be assured of getting the benefits from using pure essential oils.

glass diffuser

With glass tank diffusers, there are no plastics to break down over time and pollute our environment and body. lf you’re trying to avoid plastic in your own living or working environment then a glass essential oil diffuser is perfect.

Frequently Asked FAQ about Aroma Diffuser


glass diffuser

Please check below to avoid malfunction of the unit.

  1. Do not over tank capacity “max” at any time.        
  2. Do not switch on power when the tank is empty.             
  3. Do not touch the Ultrasonic vibration plate.               
  4. Clean regularly as per Maintenance instructions to avoid malfunction.     
  5. Always unplug from power supply before maintenance                  
  6. For hygiene reasons, after use, pour away remaining water from “DRAIN SIDE” of the tank, and wipe with a clean dry cloth.  
  7. Essential oils can stain. In the event of spillage of contact, please wipe away with a soft cloth.      
  8. Only use the measuring cup to add water to the tank. Never fill directly from the tap.
  9. Do not let mist blow directly onto furniture, clothing,  etc.
  10. Keep away from directing sunshine and heat sources and air conditioners or fans.
  11. Always keep on a stable flat surface, do not place in carpet, duvet or unstable area.
  12. Do not tip the product which may cause water to enter the mechanism and cause malfunction.
  13. Do not use more than 8 hours any time.
  14. Wait 60 minutes before restart to avoid damage to ultrasonic plate.
  15. Use tap water only, do not use mineral water, sparking water etc.
  16. The amount and intensity of mist produced will vary, but this is not unusual and should not be considered as a fault.
  17. Factors that affect this include water type, humidity, temperature, air currents
  18. Never move product in use.
  19. Keep out of reach of children and pets. 20,Keep cord clear of pathways, and do not pill forcefully at any point.
  20. If smoke or burning smell is detected, unplug immediately.

The cleaning of aroma diffuser:

After using 5-6 times, or 2-3 days, please clean the product as follows.

1.Unplug the unit from mains supply and remove cover.

2.Pour out any remaining water from the”DRAIN SIDE” of the tank.

3.Unplug power cord from base of unit.

4.Put 1 tablespoon of citric acid in water tank, add just under 70℃of warm(up to 70℃)

5.Leave for 5 minutes, and then drain solution from the “DRAIN SIDE” of the tank.

6.Wipe with a soft cloth. Avoid Ultrasonic Vibration plate area, which can be gently cleaned with a cotton bud.

Using attention

1. The amount and intensity of mist produced will vary,but this is not unusual and should not be considerate as a fault.

Factors that affect this include water type,humidity,temperature,air currents.

2. If there is no water in the tank,pressing the MIST will cause the unit to “beer” 3 times to remind you to add water.The unit will not work without water.

3. Only 100% natural essential oil can be used in this product. Those containing chemical fragrance,spice or impurities will cause malfunction. Use 3-5 drops per 100ML water. Too much oil will clog the system and cause malfunction. Please clean the unit as per the maintenance instructions,before changing to use a new type of essential oil.

The processing Methods of accidental leakage

In the event of the unit being knocked over or tipped during use,please follow the steps as below to avoid malfunction.

1. Unplug the unit and remove cover

2. Pour out any remaining water out of the water tank.

3. Shake the unit gently to drain any water in the mechanism,and then allow drying for at least 24 hours.