By continuously improving people’s living standards. Therefore, aroma diffuser machines are increasingly being used in everyday life. You can see people not only use aroma diffuser machines in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and other places, you also can see but now they also appear in some shopping malls and office buildings.

I.Current situation of diffuser(overview of diffusers)

Let’s learn together whats types of aroma diffuser machines there are. Just look at it now, we can divide aroma diffuser machines into 7 types: 1. ultrasonic diffusers 2. nebulizing diffusers 3. Evaporative diffusers 4. Heat diffusers 5. Reed diffusers 6. Candle diffusers 7. Electric fan diffusers.

Today let’s first compare the differences between ultrasonic diffuser machines and nebulizing diffuser machines.

II.Nebulizing diffuser

A.What is nebulizing diffuser and operation

nebulizing diffusers are different from ultrasonic diffusers. A mist sprayer is a type of essential oil diffuser. But water or heat is not required to diffuse essential oils into the air.

Working principle

The working principle of the oil mist diffuser is to use high-pressure technology to create high-speed rotating airflow in the machine. Essential oil mist into essential oil molecules. Then released into the air as fine mist..

Waterless Diffuser-850


Nebulizers are often considered one of the most effective ways to utilize essential oils. Let’s take a look at what advantages it has.

1.Highly restores the scent of essential oils:

This is because the mist diffuser does not need to be added with water or heat during operation. The purity and healing properties of the oil are thus preserved.

2.Aromatherapy is more effective: 

Nebulizing diffuser do not dilute essential oils with water. But it gives a richer and more concentrated scent. Making it more suitable for aromatherapy. Nebulizers are often considered one of the most effective ways to utilize essential oils.

3.Ease of use: 

Since there is no need to add water, there is no need to add water frequently during use. Very convenient during use.

4.Full of fragrance: 

The scent of essential oils emitted by the mist diffuser is very strong. This ensures that the scent is distributed evenly throughout the room for a consistent aromatherapy scent..


Once you understand its advantages Let’s take a look at its disadvantages.

1.High consumption of essential oils: 

Because of its high concentration and efficiency The nebulizer allows for quick application of essential oils. This may result in needing to be refilled more frequently and at higher costs.

2.There is no humidity function: 

Different from ultrasonic air diffusers nebulizing diffusers do not add moisture to the air. This can be detrimental in dry weather or in winter when humidity drops..

3.Sound level: 

While some sprayers work quietly, But other machines May make a slight buzzing sound due to the air pump. This may be annoying for some users. Especially in a quiet environment.

4.Cleaning machine issues: 

aroma diffusers require regular cleaning to prevent clogging and ensure proper function. The cleaning process can be more complicated than with other types of water diffusers.

III.Ultrasonic diffuser

A.Definition and operation

An ultrasonic diffuser is an essential oil diffuser that uses high-frequency vibrations of ultrasonic waves to transform water and essential oils into small molecules. which is then dispersed into the air through a fan. Usually, it requires adding water and essential oils to the tank.

Ultrasonic Diffuser

B.Working principle

Ultrasonic humidifiers usually contain electronic components. Atomizer plate, fan and plastic casing The water becomes water molecules through the high-frequency vibration of the water atomizer. and the water molecules are blown into the air through the fan.


About ultrasonic humidifier, there are follows advantages

1.Increase humidity in the air: 

Ultrasonic humidifiers use ultrasonic vibrations to create small water mist. This will increase the humidity in the room. This helps relieve dry skin, dry throat, and other discomforts. related to dry air.

2.Easy to clean: 

Actually, for ultrasonic aromatherapy machines We just need to clean the water tank. Cleaning essential oils, scale and other stains attached to the water tank will not affect the normal operation of the machine.

3.Work quietly: 

Ultrasonic humidifiers are generally quieter than other types of humidifiers. Because it doesn’t use a fan to create mist. This makes it ideal for use in bedrooms and offices. It provides a quiet environment for sleeping and working.


Most ultrasonic aroma diffusers on the market today come with other features. That can increase the enjoyment of using a diffuser. For example, you can diffuse aromatherapy while listening to music via Bluetooth music. And you can even play white noise at night to help you sleep.


1.White dust: 

Ultrasonic humidifiers can produce fine white dust if used with hard water. These dusts contain minerals that accumulate in water and can settle on nearby surfaces. This can cause irritation to the respiratory tract.(Find out What Water Should Be Used in a Humidifier?

2.Not convenient to use: 

Because water must be in the water tank to work, water must be added frequently to work. This is one of its shortcomings.

3.Excessive humidity: 

Because mist is constantly generated, on the one hand, it can humidify the indoor environment. On the other hand, if used in a relatively humid place. The humidifying function may seem a little redundant.

4.The smell is not strong enough: 

When water is added, the water dilutes the concentration of essential oils. As a result, the essential oil has a less strong odor. If used in a room that is too large, the smell will be weaker.

IV.Summary of differences

Both of these aromatherapy machines have their pros and cons.

In summary, if you want an aroma diffuser that both humidifies and makes your room smell better. A humidifying diffuser is also a suitable option. And if you want a diffuser that is easy to use and has a strong scent. Atomic diffusers are also a good choice. Customers should choose the appropriate type of aromatherapy machine according to their needs.