In the last few years, the development of aromatherapy machines has been favored by everyone. As living conditions evolve and healthful lifestyle growth is pursued, the awareness of aromatherapy culture among consumers across various platforms has grown, their acknowledgment is further elevated, and their requirements are steadily growing. The general market for aromatherapy devices is projected to expand in the coming years.

Nowadays, public life is moving towards health, warmth, and pleasure, and it has become a trend to improve their quality of life and maintain a good state of mood. Using an aromatherapy diffuser is a good option. 

What are the types of aromatherapy diffusers?

As people’s demand for quality of life improves, the wonderful use of aroma products is not only reflected in consumer scenarios such as massages and sleep aids but also increasingly integrated into daily life. In the aromatherapy diffusers market in 2024, waterless aromatherapy diffusers and watered aromatherapy diffusers have become the focus of hot discussions among consumers. As the quest for a comfortable home environment heats up, choosing an aromatherapy diffuser that meets one’s needs is key. This article gives you a better understanding of the differences between these two types of aromatherapy diffusers by briefly describing them.  

What is a waterless diffuser?

A waterless diffuser uses ultrasonic or other technology to nebulize essential oils into tiny particles that are directly sprayed into the air. It uses air to diffuse the fragrance and can quickly spread the scent into the surrounding environment. It does not require water as a medium and is therefore known as a “waterless” diffuser.

The working principle of this waterless aroma diffuser brings a series of advantages. Firstly, as no use of water is required, users only need to put the essential oils directly into the tank and can easily enjoy the delight brought by the aroma. Secondly, the waterless aromatherapy diffuser atomization effect is more delicate, and the tiny particles are easier to suspend in the air, making the scent last longer.

Additionally, since there are no sinks or pipes, waterless diffusers are easy to clean and maintain.

What is an aromatherapy diffuser?


An aqua aromatherapy diffuser is a mixture of water and essential oils that uses ultrasonic vibrations to create a fine mist of water, which is sprayed into the air through a spray hole to fill the air with fragrance.

There are many benefits of using water as a medium of communication. Firstly, the water mist extends the range of the diffuser, allowing the aroma to spread more evenly through the space. Secondly, the essential oils blend with the water, making the aroma softer and longer lasting. In addition, water aromatherapy diffusers have a humidifying function, which can increase the humidity of the surrounding air and improve the dry indoor environment.

It is also relatively easy to use the water aromatherapy diffuser. There is a water tank or a certain amount of water storage space, users only need to clean the water tank, add the right amount of water and their favorite essential oils, turn on the start button and the machine will begin to operate.

Currently, the market with water aromatherapy machine styles is more and more diverse, some water aromatherapy machines with lights, fog, timer functions, and music playback as a whole, They also set the fog size, light, and timer function, the user according to their own needs. At the same time there are water aromatherapy machines that have multiple safety protection measures, such as no water automatic power-off, and dumping automatic power-off automatic protection system, so that the user can use it more safely and securely. In addition, the aromatherapy machine towards the intelligent road, people through WIFI, mobile phone APP remote control, and timed release incense function, to meet the requirements of the modern public on the intelligent, but also for us to bring a more convenient and intelligent experience.

Waterless Diffuser vs Aromatherapy Diffuser

What’s the difference between a waterless diffuser and an aromatherapy diffuser? Let us analyze it for you:

waterless diffuser and aromatherapy diffuser

Portability and applicable scenes

waterless diffuser: does not require water, is simple to operate and relatively easy to clean, more suitable for traveling or car use.

aromatherapy diffuser: requires a sink to store water, is relatively large, and is more suitable for long-term use at home or office areas.


waterless diffuser: generally speaking, waterless aromatherapy diffusers are small and lightweight, easy to carry, with fewer functions.

aromatherapy diffuser: larger volume, in addition to the switch buttons and lights, music, fog volume control keys, etc., more features.

Cleaning & Maintenance

waterless diffuser: no sinks or pipes, easy to clean and maintain.

aromatherapy diffuser: there is a sink or pipe, which needs to be cleaned regularly.

Portability and Scenarios

waterless diffuser: it does not require water, it is simple to operate and relatively easy to clean, suitable for traveling or office use.

aromatherapy diffuser: requires a sink to store water, is relatively large, suitable for long-term use at home.


waterless diffuser: highly safe, waterless means to avoid water leakage and electrical circuit problems.

aromatherapy diffuser: there are water and electricity leakage and other safety concerns during use, so you need to pay attention to safety.


waterless diffuser: no humidification function.

aromatherapy diffuser: the water-based aroma diffuser has a Humidification function which can effectively add humidity to the air.

How to choose?

How should we choose between the two aromatherapy machines? The following factors can serve as our reference for selection.

According to the needs of choice: If you need a long-lasting scent diffuser, you can choose the waterless diffuser; if you are more concerned about indoor humidity or like the uniform scent, an aromatherapy diffuser may be more suitable for you.

Considering the safety factor: If there are kids or pets at home, you can consider choosing the better safety waterless diffuser to avoid accidents; at the moment, there are some aromatherapy diffusers on the market with the function of child safety lock, that are safer to use.

Environmental factors: Consider the environment and choose a water or waterless aroma diffuser.

Use and maintenance: No matter which aroma diffuser you choose, correct use and maintenance are important.

Customer reviews and feedback: Understanding the pros and cons of different types of aroma diffusers from other users’ reviews and feedback is also an important reference for selection.

Innovation in aromatherapy technology: As technology continues to advance, so do the functionality and design of water mist and aromatherapy diffusers.


This chapter content shares, a brief introduction to the difference between the two kinds of aromatherapy machines believe you have a certain understanding, you can refer to a variety of factors to choose your favorite product.