When indoor dryness occurs, many households choose to use humidifiers to increase indoor humidity. However, if the correct method is not used whome knowledge about the healthy use of humidifiers. Here ween using a humidifier, it may affect physical health and the comfort of the home environment. Faced with such difficulties, everyone should master s provide 10 suggestions to help you use a humidifier correctly, ensuring your physical health and comfort in your household environment.

1. Optimal humidity level control

Spray time and gear adjustment

Please flexibly set the humidifier’s spray duration and spray gear according to the indoor humidity and temperature to achieve the goal of comfort and health. 

Timing function and intermittent spray function adjustment

We suggest that you choose a humidifier with an intelligent timing function. You can set intermittent spray or regular spray as required to meet your flexible requirements for indoor space humidity.

2. Cleaning and maintenance instructions for humidifiers


Regular water changes and cleaning

You need to make sure to replace the water in the humidifier once a day, basically once a week, and thoroughly clean it once a month.

Regular maintenance according to the user manual

Alternatively, please follow the user manual of the humidification equipment for necessary cleaning and maintenance.

3. The humidifier should not be turned on from morning to night

Humidifiers should not be open 24 hours a day. It is recommended to open it every day or in batches for 4-6 hours. Each time, they can be open for about an hour, 4-6 times a day.

4. Adding pure water to the humidifier is the most ideal choice

Best for our health

Pure water is strictly filtered and treated, so it usually does not contain any impurities or minerals and therefore does not have a significant impact on the interior of the humidifier. It is also the best for our health. 

Extend the service life of humidifiers

Occasionally adding tap water to the humidifier once or twice is also acceptable, but for long-term use, it is better to add pure water with very few impurities. This will not produce scale and can delay the service life of the machine. At the same time, the mist produced by the machine will also be purer, safer, and healthier.

5. Keep humidifiers at a certain distance from other household appliances

Household appliances need to be moisture-proof

The mist sprayed by the humidifier contains a very rich amount of water vapor, and almost all household appliances need to be moisture-proof. 

Avoiding the risk of electrical leakage


If they spray water vapor inside, it will cause moisture damage, affect their service life, and in severe cases, there is also a risk of electric leakage. Therefore, humidifiers must not be placed next to appliances.

6. Special groups require the safe use of humidifiers

Special populations should use humidifiers with caution. Patients with respiratory and joint inflammations, as well as the elderly, pregnant women, children, and other populations with relatively weak resistance, need to avoid using humidifiers or use them safely due to their special physical condition.

7. When using a humidifier, stay away from chemicals

Chemicals can pose a threat to human health. Liquid containing chemical substances such as cosmetics and beauty lotion for skin care, white vinegar and disinfectants for cleaning, other essence, or perfume. Do not add them to humidifiers for use to avoid causing human allergies or other more serious health problems.

8. Humidifiers should be kept at a certain distance from people’s rest areas

A certain amount of noise

Nowadays, technology can reduce the noise of humidification equipment to an acceptable range, but there is still a certain amount of noise, which cannot achieve a completely silent effect. For better sleep quality, it is recommended to place it in a suitable position.

Keep it 2 meters away from the human body when resting

When people use humidifiers while resting, the humidity of the air around the humidifier will significantly increase. If the humidifier is placed too close to the human body, the moisture in the human body will be too heavy, which will affect people’s health, such as respiratory or skin problems.

9. Place the humidifier at the appropriate height to maximize its performance

Keep the machine at a suitable distance from the ground

If it is placed too low, such as below 50 centimeters, it will cause the sprayed mist to fall directly to the ground before it is fully effective. If placed too high, the mist will evaporate too quickly and cannot achieve the best humidification effect.

1M from the ground

At this time, the mist sprayed by the humidifier will not evaporate too quickly, and the mist will fully play its role in the indoor space.

10. Material selection for humidifier water tank

Glass Diffuser


PP material is safe, non-toxic, sturdy, durable, corrosion-resistant, and will not deform under high-temperature conditions. It is affordable, and choosing it has a high cost-performance ratio.

Natural glass

Compared to plastic water tanks, natural glass water tanks do not absorb essential oils, are not prone to yellowing, and are easy to clean. Despite the higher cost and price of glass water tank humidifiers, they are believed to become a future trend due to their environmental friendliness, health, and ease of cleaning.


The positive aspects that humidifiers bring to life

It is easy and convenient to operate. It can not only relieve dry skin, relieve respiratory discomfort, and improve indoor air quality in dry conditions, but also protect household items from cracking or deformation due to dryness by using it.

The negative aspects caused by using a humidifier

If we buy inferior humidifiers, it will affect our health; If used improperly, excessively humidified, or cleaned, it can also pose a threat to our health.

How to avoid these risks

When you find the right machine you want, it is equally important to use it safely and efficiently. We are delighted to have the opportunity to share this practical skill with you. Simply apply these 10 skills immediately and you will be able to use a humidifier correctly and safely with your family and friends. We believe that with the accompaniment of a humidifier, your life will be more comfortable, healthy, and beautiful.