Black Automatic Air Freshener Scent Diffuer

Model Number: Airing6-L
MOQ: Negotiable
Sample: Available
Port : Shenzhen, Hongkong
Delivery Time: 7-20 Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal,
Supply Ability: 100000 pcs per month
Inquiry Phone#:+86 18682045131

This automatic air freshener scent diffuser, with a large capacity of 800ml, can be controlled by a convenient and easy APP, and can automatically spray scent at the touch of a button, effectively removing odors and filling the house with fresh air. With a range of 2500-4000m3, it is ideal for creating a comfortable home environment.


  • Large capacity: The 800ml reservoir bottle reduces the need to add perfume frequently and is more convenient to use.
  • Intelligent control: You can easily set the time and interval of spraying fragrance through app to meet personalized needs.
  • Automatic spray: Just press the button, the diffuser will automatically spray fragrance mist, easy to operate.
  • Deodorization: Effectively removes odors from the air, making the indoor air fresh and pleasant.
  • Full room fragrance: Unique spray technology, make the fragrance evenly distributed in all corners of the room, lasting freshness.
  • Wide range of application: Suitable for 2500-4000m3 space, can be widely used in homes, offices and other places.


This automatic air freshener scent diffuser is suitable for a variety of scenarios such as home, office, car, hotel, shopping mall, gym, pet places, etc. It has the features of large capacity, intelligent control, automatic spraying fragrance, removing odors, leaving fragrance all over the house and wide range of application, which can create a fresh and comfortable environment for you.

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Working mode

24 hours at any time to adjust

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Wall-mounted、Floor-standing、Connecting with air conditioner


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