Beginners use Waterless diffuser common mistakes

Novices will always encounter various problems when using a waterless aroma diffuser, especially when there is no mist. Isn’t it a headache? What to do when your waterless aroma diffuser doesn’t release mist, let’s try to troubleshoot the following issues and see if we can get the pure oil diffuser to work properly again.

1. Check the power supply:

Is your waterless aroma diffuser rechargeable?

If it is a rechargeable aromatherapy machine, please check whether the battery has enough power. Low battery may cause the machine not workable.

If the aroma diffuser is plugged in, please check whether the power socket is loose and whether the voltage of the interface used matches.

NOTICE:As with most lithium-ion batteries, the device battery life will gradually decrease over time.After about 300 charge cycles the device battery life will decrease to about 80 percent compared to the battery on a new device. This is normal and does not represent an issue with the device or with the battery.

Waterless Diffuser

2. Check the type of essential oils:

Most waterless aromatherapy machines on the market have certain requirements for the type of essential oils.

I. The aroma diffuser emits mist but there is no fragrance.

Method 1, please change an essential oil to see if it is caused by the lower aroma concentration of the essential oil itself.

Method 2, please adjust the concentration setting button of the aromatherapy machine. The concentration of the high-end setting is stronger than the concentration of the low-end setting.

II. The aroma diffuser does not produce mist.

Method 1: Change to essential oils with an intermediate concentration. The fluidity and concentration of the unused essential oils are different, which may be the key to  mist is released and the amount of the mist. It is recommended to clean the machine according to the operating steps before changing the essential oil.

Generally, viscous essential oils will clog the machine and are not recommended. Essential oils such as lavender, orange or ocean scent usually work well with most diffusers due to their fluidity.

Method 2: please check the plug of the essential oil bottle. Please refer to the product instruction manual and remove or use the plug according to the instructions.

Method 3: There may be too much essential oil in the machine and the spray hole is blocked. Improper use and movement will cause a large amount of essential oil to remain in the machine. Please unplug the essential oil, follow the instructions to remove the excess essential oil, then clean the machine, and finally follow the normal steps to operate it.

essential oil

3. Regular cleaning:

Most aromatherapy machines on the market require regular cleaning. This helps keep the machine functioning properly and is also good for your health. The accumulation of essential oil residue inside the aroma diffuser will weaken the atomization ability.  Regular cleaning according to the instructions in the user manual can help maintain optimal performance and prevent problems.

4. Listen the sound of machine:

Turn on the essential oil aroma diffuser and listen for any operating sounds, such as the hum of the motor or the gentle spray action. If you do not hear any sounds indicating operation, there may be a quality issue with the diffuser that requires further inspection or repair.

5. Some RFQ for aromatherapy machines and essential oils:

I. Some essential oil tests are for reference only

Essential oils that can be used directly which

have good fluidity: lavender, sweet orange, tea tree, chamomile, peppermint, lemon, cedar, eucalyptus, tea tree

Medium viscous: thyme, litsea cubeba, cloves, juniper, juniper berries, marigold distillate, cinnamon.

Superior viscosity: The mist of cypress and benzoin is very small. You need to use the rear light of your mobile phone to see the mist. Even if the mist is small, the diffusion effect is still good.

Thick and foggy: orchid vetiver, frankincense, sandalwood.

Cypress has fog, but it is very small. You can see the fog with the rear light of your mobile phone, so it can be used. Benzoin mist is relatively small. ,

Blue rockweed, frankincense, and sandalwood are completely useless. Need to be diluted.

If you want to keep the original flavor, you can dilute it with jojoba oil. Dilute jojoba to 1 sandalwood essential oil, or 4 to 1.

If you want to mix and use it, you can mix it with essential oils with good fluidity.

If the essential oil with good fluidity feels too strong and you want to dilute it, you can mix it with almond oil. If the temperature is above 10 degrees, you can mix it with jojoba oil. It can be mixed with coconut oil when the temperature is above 25 degrees.

II. Cautions

l lt is normal for mist volume to vary with the type of essential oil used.

l Use of chemical fragrances, spices, or impure essential oils may cause product damage.

l lt is recommended to leave the essential oil bottle in the diffuser until completely dispensed and the diffuser stops spraying.Changing the essential oil bottle before this will cause the oil to spill.

l he cover is not leak-proof. If essential oil is left inside the oil tank, essential oil may leak when the diffuser is stored at an angle even with the cover secured over the oil tank.

III. Warning

l Use of corrosive or harsh chemicals may cause damage.Essential oil should not come in contact with the exterior surface of the unit.

l Please clean the diffuser in open space with good air flow and away from hot environment or heat sources.

The waterless aromatherapy machine is more convenient to use, the fragrance is retained longer, and different concentrations can be adjusted according to your own needs. It is deeply loved by customers. If you encounter the above problems during use, try to eliminate them as soon as possible. The above is for reference only, different waterless aromatherapy machines have different principles. Please read the instructions for use of your aroma diffuser first and seek professional help if necessary to ensure the effectiveness of your waterless aroma diffuser.