Summer is hot, and people can not leave the air conditioning time. However, the widespread use of air conditioning so that the indoor humidity tends to dry, but also slowly leads to people’s skin, dry mouth, and tongue, and thus a cough and cold and other air-conditioning disease, while reflecting the side of the humidity on people’s life and health will cause a relatively large impact.

Why does a humidifier play an important role in the family?

Humidifiers are to improve the quality of life of people small assistant

When summer arrives, many people believe that the air is so humid that the humidifiers they use in the winter are not needed at all. But do we really not need humidifiers in the summer? In reality, living in an air-conditioned room is cool, and the atmosphere is very dry. Therefore, in an air-conditioned room, when an air humidifier is used, it makes people feel more comfortable. When you use an air conditioner for a long time, water in the air will accumulate into liquid droplets, which will be discharged from the room, making the air in the room dry. Usually, the air humidity is higher in summer, but prolonged use of air conditioning can make the indoor air less humid accelerating the evaporation of water from the body.

 Humidifiers are an important tool for regulating the humidity of the air

When the weather is hot, people’s pores are open. Air conditioners and fans spray directly onto the body, which can easily cause colds, fevers, and back pain. Therefore, when using air conditioners, people can use house humidifiers to improve indoor humidity, which can alleviate excessive skin moisture loss and dry throat problems caused by dry indoor atmospheres. At the same time, humidifiers can purify the indoor environment and reduce indoor dust, which is very effective in keeping the inside of the nose humid and clean.

humidifier-817-文章图Types of humidifiers

1.Ultrasonic humidifier

Advantages: large humidification, humidification uniformity, high humidification efficiency; energy saving, power consumption is only 1/10 ~ 1/15 of the electric humidifier; long service life

Disadvantages: high water quality requirements, if the water quality is hard, there will be white powder and scale, white powder will be on the furniture, home appliances have a certain degree of damage.

2.Pure humidifier

Advantages: fog on the water quality requirements, humidification, no white powder phenomenon is not scaling; there is a certain role in purifying the air

Disadvantages: relatively large noise

3.Electric humidifier

Advantages: humidification volume; no water quality requirements; will not produce white powder, inexpensive

Disadvantages: large power consumption; relatively low safety factor


How Does a Humidifier Improve Comfort in a Home?

Advantages of Humidifier

  1. Moisturize the air and purify the environment

With the improvement of people’s living standards, air conditioning is widely used, resulting in skin tightness, dry mouth and tongue, cough and cold, and other air-conditioning disease breeding. Part of the humidifier can also be in the atomization process, the release of a large number of negative oxygen ions, can effectively increase indoor humidity, and moisturize the dry air, and with the floating smoke in the air, dust combined with the precipitation, can effectively remove the smell of paint, mildew, smoke and odor, so that the air is more refreshing to protect you and your family’s health.

  1. Moisturizing skin, beauty, and skincare

Hot summer and unusually dry winter, resulting in excessive loss of skin moisture, accelerating the aging of life, humidifier can moisturize the skin, promote blood circulation and metabolism of the facial cells, soothe the nerves, and eliminate fatigue, so that you look radiant.

  1. Adding auxiliaries, aroma decoction physiotherapy

Add plant essential oils or medicinal liquid in the water, with the water mist emanation, a room full of fragrance, so that the body is more easily absorbed, there is a cure for disease, health care, and physical therapy effects, especially for skin allergies, insomnia, colds, coughs, asthma has an excellent auxiliary effect, is the best alternative to the traditional aromatherapy products.


  1. Fashionable decoration, beautiful and practical

Adopt lovely fashion cartoon modeling, floating clouds like a dream, such as romantic as a fairyland, enough to let a person produce unusual creative inspiration. Water shortage automatic protection, the amount of fog can be arbitrarily adjusted, and the humidity is automatically balanced.

Add some humidity to life, a humidifier allows you to say goodbye to dry skin

Humidification effect: emphasize the humidifier can effectively increase air humidity, and improve the dry environment.

Comfortable experience: such as soothing dry skin, reducing static electricity, etc., to improve the quality of life

Health benefits: Mention the benefits of humidifiers on respiratory health and prevention of dryness-induced diseases.

Multi-functional design: e.g. constant humidity function, silent operation, aromatherapy function, etc.

Convenient operation: such as easy to operate, intelligent control, water shortage automatic protection, and other features.

Appearance design: A fashionable and beautiful appearance can attract the attention of consumers

How should I choose and use a humidifier?

Choosing the right humidifier

Water tank size

We must pay attention to the size of the water tank when picking an air humidifier, its size determines how often we add water. After all, the larger the tank needs to add water less frequently, while the smaller the tank needs to add water more frequently. So in order to reduce our daily use to reduce the frequency of police water trouble, we must choose a tank capacity of air humidifier.

 Rated humidification 

Rated humidification is the most important parameter of the humidifier, referring to the rated operating conditions, the humidifier in the maximum humidification state one hour atomized water capacity, and the use of the size of the space and the degree of increase in ambient humidity are directly related. The larger the value, the stronger the humidification capacity, which is also suitable for larger rooms.

Consider the noise level

Some humidifiers produce noise during operation, which may interfere with sleep and daily life. Choosing a low-noise humidifier can improve your experience.   

Humidifying method

Choose the appropriate humidifying method according to individual needs and usage scenarios. Currently, fogless humidifiers are popular for their safety and environmental advantages

How to use a humidifier correctly

First, keep in mind that if you don’t feel sick in your life, there is no need to use a humidifier, even if the humidity in your room is low. Don’t believe the over-exaggerated humidifier marketing rhetoric, as if you’re going to get sick if you don’t turn on a humidifier.

Second, don’t turn the air conditioning and heating up too much in the winter, and keep the indoor temperature as low as you can tolerate. The immediate benefit of lower temperatures is an increase in air humidity.

Third, if you notice condensation in the corners of your home, on window frames, or on kitchen tiles, you should limit the use of your humidifier, or put it in a new location and continue to watch. This is because as soon as one small environment with excess humidity becomes a source of pollution, then it can affect the air quality of the whole house.

 Maintenance and care of humidifiers 


  1. Most humidifiers are not ideal for removing bacteria, it is necessary to clean and change the water regularly to avoid the growth of bacteria, affecting the health of the family, especially the elderly and children.
  2. The humidifier tank and base can be cleaned with water, you can also use a soft brush dipped in vinegar, wipe cleaning, and remember to rinse with water.
  3. Ultrasonic humidifier is recommended to use pure water live distilled water to avoid scale, and cold evaporation humidifier can use tap water, but the filter should be cleaned in time, before replacement.
  4. In The use of a humidifier humidity can not be too high, the human body will feel hot and humid, but also breed bacteria, mold, and mildew easily, it is recommended to choose a smart mode, humidity control humidifier.